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Monday, June 6, 2011

French Models Via Les Modes cir. Novembre 1904

Nothing changes as quickly as women's clothing.  Over the years, women have come along way from corsets underpinnings to Spanx , bustles to undergarments to enhance your derriere, Floor length, midi, and mini dresses and skirts, jeans on the waist, below the waist, and lower. Tops that are long sleeved, short sleeved, tanked and mid-riff.  It is hard to keep track of how quickly the style changes unless YOU are a Fashionista!

I have an antique French magazine from Novembre 1904 called Les Modes which outlines the current styles worn in that era.  I have made black and white copies of these ladies on heavy card stock which would be suitable for framing and matting.   Here is a sample of (6) of the models.

 I have a total of 16 or so of these photos that I will be selling in the near future with other French inspired items that are handmade when I open my little online shop. These are just lovely and would make a gorgeous grouping in a foyer, bedroom or guest bedroom. What do you think?


  1. Wonderful photos - but how on earth did they breath?

  2. Susan,

    Your guess is as good as mine! I cannot imagine wearing all of the undergarments that they wore back then just to make their waists look smaller than they were. In some cases I read where they actually pinned their clothes on them?

    What a joy that would have been. Ouch!

  3. THey are wonderful pictures. what a lovely idea to make cards out of them. i particulartly like the first one. - by the way i also like your new backround colour better : ) thanks for all your interesting comments on paraphernalia. enjoy your day : )

  4. Hi Kris!
    These are really beautiful photos....but thank goodness we are way passed walking around wearing 30lbs of clothes!!!!


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