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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pillow Freak

I'm a pillow freak.  I never have enough pillows even if they are falling all over the place and I'm tripping over them.   On my bed, couch, floor, chairs, reading nooks...they are everywhere just waiting to be tossed onto the floor. I say you, you can never have to many pillows?  Here are few of my favorites (I say a few because I am always finding new ones).

Image source:  Libby Wilkie - An Eye For Detail

Union Jack Pillow
Image source:

Typo Pillow

Image source:  Design & Typo le Blog

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

Image Source:  Blog

Vintage Farmhouse
Apartment Therapy via Red Chair-Antiques

Atelier de Paris
Image Source: Blazing

With so many pillows to choose from I might just have to buy them all!!!


  1. I love, love, the blue heron! You know what they say you can never have enough pillows or shoes. (whoever they are)

  2. Jane,

    I always find that is sooo funny when people say "You know what they say"...I can never figure out WHO they are! LOL

  3. I like *la carte postale* most!


  4. Bonsoir Kris,

    Sorry I did not list my name for your giveaway. I have been very busy and I forgot. Pardon !
    I am not so addicted to pillows like you, but I like those you show on this post.

    Bon weekend !


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